What’s the ROI on TBL?

What’s the ROI on TBL?

Probably the number one question we get asked from our potential resort partners when it comes to our Terrain Based Learning Program™ is “So, what is the ROI?”

While philosophically we all acknowledge the need for change and the obvious guest experience improvements that utilizing TBL offers, as with many things in life sometimes it just comes down to the dollars and cents. We recognize that resort budgets are increasingly being tightened and managers have to make some tough decisions on where to spend their dollars for the greatest returns. To this we always say – For roughly the cost of 1 new fan gun how would you like to dramatically improve the guest experience of every beginner guest that visits your resort while also increasing your capacity and growing your ski school revenues?

To put some numbers to this… Our partner resorts typically see a 5% increase year over year in new beginner trial visitation. This is due to the renewed top-down focus on beginners that we work with our partner resorts to create, as well as the PR benefits of being able to leverage Terrain Based Learning at your resort. In addition to the increase in new customers our partners also typically see a 20 point increase in their retention and repeat visitation metrics due to their improved guest experiences and focus on upselling all guests into a return visit.

Still not convinced? Here are some actual visitation and revenue numbers showing what can be done when we work with our partners to get them truly focused on their guest experience and maximizing their revenue potential.


2nd Year Partner Resort

Total Lesson Visits:

Winter 13/14                                    20,722

Winter 14/15                                    21,570 (4% Increase)

Ski School Revenues:

Winter 13/14                                    $1,678,800

Winter 14/15                                    $1,914,600 (14.5% Increase)

These increases although spectacular are not atypical. By working together with the resort’s in-house teams to create a culture focused on conversion and facilitate change to improve their capacities and maximize revenue we were able to help this resort increase their ski school revenues by $300,000 in one season.

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