SNOW Operating Releases Workforce Management Program

SNOW Operating Releases Workforce Management Program

Montville, NJ (May 17, 2024) – SNOW Operating is excited to release it’s latest product for ski areas and Partner Resorts. The Idealized Workforce Management Program will help ski areas think differently about how to hire and staff for their resort’s needs.

In today’s environment, hiring and staffing a resort to meet seasonal needs is getting more and more challenging. Effective staffing requires discipline and flexibility, and having properly trained employees in the right roles at the right times is critical to delivering the best results for a ski area’s business and guests.

The new program elevates SNOW Operating partners’ ability to streamline hiring, staffing, scheduling, and building an operating plan that reduces headcount needs and variable labor; increase operational efficiencies and organizational communication; streamline processes; and help create a more flexible workforce.

“We’re excited to bring to market a proven solution to a problem many resort presidents perceive as their single greatest challenge – Workforce Management,” says Eric Lipton, SNOW Operating COO. “We’ve considered all aspects of staffing a resort for success and this program will be transformative for our partners.”

The program, available to ski areas now, includes all the tools and resources necessary to help Partner Resorts succeed:

  • On-site workshops
  • Lean Six Sigma evaluation of current HR processes
  • Assistance with implementation of the trail system
  • Development of step-by-step hiring process
  • Centralized scheduling setup
  • Reimagined HR team functions & process design
  • Implementation of Create Your Own Schedule module
  • Onboarding roadmap for all departments with staffing templates
  • Mental acuity & performance workshop

Learn more about the new program here.


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